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What is the immune system, 6 ways to stay healthy with a low immunity.


What is the Immune System-

The Immune System is made up of other components, including plasma cells (white blood cells), antibodies and lymph nodes, which are very important for keeping our body fit and healthy.

The immune system is very helpful in fighting any disease in our body like flu, viral fever, etc. The immune system works in our body as an antivirus that protects our body from any type of bacteria and viruses coming from outside. 

Because of which we do not fall ill quickly, as you may have noticed that some people around us always have a cold fever or any kind of viral fever or they get sick very quickly. The immune system of such people is weak. 

There are also some people among us who do not have an early cold or any other disease, these people have a very good immune system which protects them from viruses and bacteria, due to which they do not get sick quickly.

How to know our immune system is weak or not-

As we discussed above what the immune system is and how important it is to our body, the question now arises as to how we will know that our immune system is weak

If you feel that your body's immune system is weak, you can do a blood test for it, a blood test can help you determine whether your blood transfusion protein (immunoglobulin) levels are normal, or No and whether their level is helpful or not fight diseases or not. A high immune system relationship helps fight many diseases, and it prevents us from getting sick.

Symptoms of Weak Immunity-

People with weakened immune systems are more likely to be infected than normal people. These infections can also occur through contact with an infected person. Such people should take great care of their health.

People with weak immune systems usually have several infections such as-

  • Pneumonia
  • Anemia
  • cold flu
  • Inflammation of the intestines
  • Skin infections  ,etc.

Causes of the weak Immune System-


Our daily routine work and diet can affect our immune system. Sometimes if we get sick, our immune system also becomes weak. AIDS HIV virus is a cause of AIDS diseases. 

Which is an acquired viral infection that destroys plasma cells from our blood, and weakens our immune system?

Some causes of a weakened immune system are-

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Disease

How can we stay healthy, with a weak immune system-

People whose body's immune system is weak can adopt a number of measures to stay healthy and avoid infection, which can protect them from many infections even if they have a weak immune system.

01. Good Hygiene Habits -


Good hygiene habits include keeping oneself clean, bathing regularly, washing hands frequently and cleaning around them.

According to the advice of the doctor, when should we wash hands thoroughly with soap and water -

  • Before preparing food or breakfast
  • Before and after meals
  • After coughing and sneezing
  • After coming in contact with a sick person
  • After touching an animal
  • After touching the garbage

02. Stay away from people who are sick -


People whose immune system is weak, they should stay away from any kind of sick person who has a cold, cough or other types of infection

Because viruses and diseases spread quickly from each other through close contact. These diseases can also spread in the form of some water droplets which spread to the sick person in the air during coughing and sneezing

Although it is not always possible to stay away from sick people. But people with weakened immune systems should always avoid contact with such individuals, and avoid sharing food and beverages with them.

03. Stay Stress-Free -


Stress can weaken the immune system and increase the chances of a person becoming unwell.

Researches have found that people who have more stress are more likely to become sick. People with weak immune systems should try to reduce their stress

To reduce stress, you can follow these steps-

  • Yoga
  • Care
  • head massage
  • Spend some time in your favorite hobby

04. Get Enough Sleep -


Many types of research and studies prove that lack of sleep promotes stress and weakens the body's immune system, lack of sleep prevents the production of plasma cells (white blood cells) which are very important for the body's immune system.

According to doctors, a person should get at least 6-7 hours of sleep and children should get 9 to 18 hours of sleep depending on their age.

05. Healthy Diet -


A healthy and balanced diet is very important for people with weak immune systems.

Doctors usually recommend people with weakened immune systems to eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals, which provide them with rich nutrients and help enhance their immunity.

06. Exercising Regularly -


Exercising regularly keeps our body healthy. Exercise makes the body strong and when we exercise, it releases a chemical called endorphin in our body which helps in reducing our stress levels

However, people with a weakened immune system should be careful while exercising and should not do unnecessary exercise or High-intensity exercise.

This will put more weight on your body which can also weaken your immune system.

Therefore, people with a weakened immune system avoid exercising excessively and under extreme stress.

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